Bring Your Outdoor Spaces To Life

Our residential landscaping services can offer premium garden design, construction and outdoor features to bring your outdoor space to life and maximise usage. We ensure practicality, beauty or innovative design depending on what you as a homeowner want to do with your garden or outdoor space. No matter what practical uses you have in store, we can transform any garden space so that you can start getting the most out of it. We love taking on these types of projects and take pride in designing and creating something new that fits your individual needs and exceeds your expectations.


A brand new or revitalised driveway can transform the exterior look of any property. It can not only increase property value by increasing the availability of your off-road parking, but it can also be built to last in a way that is far easier to maintain over the coming years. We can offer our customers a brand new driveway be it concrete, block paving, tarmac or other, and can deliver it with a personalised touch that it is fit for purpose.


Bespoke new patios have the power to tie any outdoor space together and bring them to life. Patios offer a range of new uses, they are durable and low maintenance throughout the winter months and come into their own during the summer period no matter what purpose you have in mind. If you’re looking for the perfect patio at a competitive price, we’ll combine your landscaping visions with our skilled workmanship and offer a finishing end product that maximises use and looks fantastic all year round.


With specialists in every field we leave no job incomplete, and no job is complete be it a new patio, driveway, or roof without purpose built drainage to run excess water efficiently away from your property and into respective drainage systems. Choose a unique style of grating to match the specific look of your outdoor space to not only maximise drainage but also the overall final aesthetic.

Garden Walling

Garden walling poses a fantastic opportunity to build something special. Choose from natural stone, concrete walling or bespoke brickwork to perfectly cordon off areas of your garden landscape in a beautiful and long-lasting way. Our masonry experts will deliver a sturdy, weather resistant and flawless end product that exceeds your expectations with a luxury feel for a great price.

Concrete Bases

Concrete bases are the hard foundations that are necessary to support construction work such as garden walling, patios, sheds, decking and so on. They ensure that the work due to be completed on top of such foundations are done so to a durable and professional standard.


Regardless of your home or commercial project plans, our workers have over a decade of experience in ensuring that all footings are built and implemented fit for purpose so that our customers receive the final end product that they deserve. Rest assured at On-Point our expertise and knowhow ensures that all of the crucial and finer details are well planned and well under control in any landscape project that we take on.


Premium lawn turfing services at an affordable rate, but you can’t put a price on perfect execution and the perfect garden. Why give the birds an opportunity to peck away your seeds and precious pennies when our first-rate landscaping services will not only lay your turf to the highest standard, but will also ensure that the new grass takes to existing roots? We always go the extra mile and manage these garden projects from start to finish with everything from site preparation, through to bespoke lawn edging. Have your turf laid between mid-autumn and early-spring and have it fit for purpose come the sunny summer season.

Garden Design

With our residential customers who are looking to overhaul or simply revamp their outdoor spaces, many already have a pretty good idea of what it is they want to do with them. At On-Point, it is our mission to deliver those ideas with first-class results and value for money. Our genuine passion for producing garden designs that individuals and families can be proud of is what drives these landscape projects forward and motivates us to go the extra mile. If a valued customer is not completely delighted with the final finish, then we’ll work tirelessly to ensure that they receive the garden that they’ve always dreamed of. If you’re not sure exactly what it is you want to do with your outdoor space, then we can get you in touch with our professional garden designers to offer you something special before we go ahead and bring it to life.


Garden decking be it residential or commercial can help you maximise the use of your outdoor space. If positioned correctly, you can make the most of daylight hours and also soak up the summer sun. When your landscape project is managed and installed by the On-Point team, the end product will complement the surrounding area perfectly through a range of design and material options, it will offer something beautiful through elegant and bespoke joinery and it will offer great value for money, so you’re not left out of pocket. Our team take great pride in delivering something unique and special, so no matter what you have planned for us we’ll guide your plans and turn your visions into reality.

On-Point All The Way…

Bespoke design and quality assurance

As a project management service, we will liaise and carry out all necessary building control and warrantee stage inspections for you as we work alongside local architects and structural engineers who oversee all elements involved in delivering a successful home project. We at On-Point take pride in doing things a little differently through our design, style and execution, but we always gain approval from the homeowner first to ensure that they will love every aspect.

Our proven track record

All images displayed in our gallery include real contracts that our staff and management team have carried out from start to finish. Our tradesmen have all worked in the bespoke and niche homebuilding market in the past, and each of them have been personally vetted for quality assurance and evidence of their professionalism. With a longstanding history and working chemistry between all members of staff on our books, our team have worked together across multiple building and refurbishment projects in Hampshire and surrounding areas, and their skills and craftsmanship have been demonstrated time and time again.


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