Flawless Kitchens & Internal Fit-Outs

With years of experience in bespoke kitchen and bathroom design, the techniques to implement them, and the skill to make your visions reality, we at On-Point will turn your plans into our mission and will deliver them to a professional standard. No gimmicks, no cowboy builders, just experience, craftsmanship and passion to turnout flawless results for our valued customers every time with our first-rate internal fit-out services.

Work Top Replacements

No kitchen project can be complete without the perfect work top to not only tie the room together, but to add that final sleek looking finish. At On-Point, we have a huge selection of Corian and Natural Stone work tops for you to choose from and to find the perfect aesthetic to match your new kitchens unique style.

Wet Room Installations

When it comes to installing a wet room, it’s crucial to employ experienced, dedicated and professional tradesman who understand the importance of completing this type of work without cutting corners. At On-Point we proudly tick each of these boxes and complete every job to the highest specification. The contractors you can trust.

Total Kitchen Refits / Installations

We fit and install the kitchens of our customers dreams, we always ensure that every kitchen is fitted seamlessly and in a way that suits their specific needs, wants and desires. Our mission is to leave behind no less than a flawless finish that our valued customers can be proud of.


Our team of trade specialists include experienced and highly skilled plumbers that will carry-out any residential plumbing work necessary for your home project.

Lighting Systems

We at On-Point can meet your every lighting need, no matter how extravagant your plans are whether they’re residential or commercial, we have a wide-range supply of various light fittings and our experienced lighting specialists will install your bespoke designs to a professional standard.


We only employ highly skilled and equally qualified tradesmen, and our tilers are no exception. Each of our workers are recognised for their incredible attention to detail and ability to leave a quality end product every time.

Bespoke Joinery

Our carpenters love crafting something unique to match your individual requirements and exceed your individual expectations. Quality assurance is guaranteed through the care we take in every order and by ensuring that we can reciprocate and execute your plans with meticulous attention to detail.

Bespoke Kitchen Units

Imaginative, elegant, quality. We at On-Point have multiple skilled craftsman who between them have decades of combined industry experience in the high-end residential market. All of our contractors take great pride in delivering the best possible results for our customers through their innovative designs, well thought-out space planning and careful execution of bespoke kitchen units.

Bespoke Wardrobes

We offer our expertise in quality bespoke wardrobe planning and execution to the highest order. We’ll make the absolute most of your pre-existing space through excellent craftsmanship and cooperation with you to help us create an elegant, ergonomic and flawless layout to fit your everyday storage needs and more.

Quality Kitchen & Internal Fit Out Renovations

When you choose the On-Point team to take care of your kitchen renovation project in Hampshire and the surrounding areas, we’ll not only meet your specific needs, but we’ll exceed your expectations. Once we know exactly what it is you’re looking for and we’ve taken on-board each of your specific needs and desires, we’ll develop a unique plan to ensure that every requirement is met to the best of our ability. We adhere to providing a renovation service that eliminates stress for the homeowner through our capable and trustworthy workers who will hit the mark first-time, every time.

Perfect kitchen renovations

The perfect kitchen has the ability to bring the whole family together and help turn a house into a home. It can also add significant property value to your household and offer a world of opportunities at the same time. When you choose to put On-Point Building Contractors in charge of your kitchen renovation project, you can rest assured knowing that we understand this, and won’t let you down.

Flawless internal fit outs

For every interior design and fit out project we take on, we aim to maximise the pre-existing space in every room we touch. We also love to deliver that moment of amazement when our customers finally get to see their transformed indoor space for the very first time. With a wide range bespoke internal fit-out designs, high levels of workmanship and years of experience in the high-end residential market to pull them off flawlessly, we always deliver a sleek and ergonomic finish whether your style is traditional or modern. First and foremost, our ambition is to offer our customers a room or rooms that they can be proud of.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

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