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Whatever type of building & refurbishment project you have in mind, our vast experience will bring the latest innovation and interior styles to the table. Having worked alongside many of the leading Architects and Designers in Surrey and Hampshire, our team have the knowledge, the know-how and the ability to offer select insights regarding your desired requirements. It is crucial to us that your unique visions and ideas are optimised and brought to life at every opportunity and therefore we always develop a detailed plan with your ideas and budget in mind before we begin to undertake any building or refurbishment work.

Knock Throughs

Connect two rooms, make space for new interior design or crate an open plan living area with our controlled knock throughs that can offer an entirely new dynamic to any household or commercial property.


With floor fitters to meet your every requirement and a range of traditional and contemporary styles to add the finishing touch to any home project, we can take care all work underfoot. Choose any flooring type that you like and add the perfect final look to any, or every room in the house.

Interior Design

Enhance any internal space within your home or office with our bespoke interior designs that get the most out of any refurbishment project and bring a new lease of life to outdated and tired looking living or working areas.

Windows & Bi-Fold Doors

Certified window fitting and specialist bi-fold door installation to bring light, air and elegance to your home. Bi-fold doors are becoming increasingly popular as they are surprisingly energy efficient and enable you to blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces in a beautifully innovative fashion.

Steal Erections

Safe and professional assembly of steel framework on a residential, commercial or industrial scale with our construction specialists who have over a decade of trade experience and the support of fully qualified project managers who oversee all work carried out.

Facia & Soffit / Cladding

Designed to withstand the weather, ventilate your roof and prevent timber decay, our experts can install or replace the Facia and Soffit Cladding on any building exterior to maximise your home defences and ensure they work effectively in preventing damp and mould in your home.

Bespoke Furniture

With the craftsmanship and expertise to produce and deliver bespoke furniture fittings for any interior environment, we at on-point love putting our heads together and producing bespoke and seamless furniture that do homes justice and make homeowners proud.

Plastering & Rendering

With every plastering or rendering job we undertake, we can deliver a clean, sleek and professional covering for your internal and/or external walls as a standard practice thanks to our experienced and capable contractors.


If you’re not so keen on carrying out your own decoration work, our team of specialist decorators will happily complete any refurbishment project that may require their attention. We’ll execute the finishing touches in any way you desire.

On-Point All The Way…

Bespoke design and quality assurance

As a project management service, we will liaise and carry out all necessary building control and warrantee stage inspections for you as we work alongside local architects and structural engineers who oversee all elements involved in delivering a successful home project. We at On-Point take pride in doing things a little differently through our design, style and execution, but we always gain approval from the homeowner first to ensure that they will love every aspect.

Our proven track record

All images displayed in our gallery include real contracts that our staff and management team have carried out from start to finish. Our tradesmen have all worked in the bespoke and niche home building market in the past, and each of them have been personally vetted for quality assurance and evidence of their professionalism. With a longstanding history and working chemistry between all members of staff on our books, our team have worked together across multiple building and refurbishment projects in which their skills and craftsmanship have been demonstrated time and time again.

Home Improvement and Building Refurbishments

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