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We always work with our customers in mind. Whether you’re in need of entirely new structural work, or simply looking to give tired old brickwork a facelift, we will do so to meet your needs and to minimise interference with your everyday life where we can. In fact, our technicians operate a dust-free raking system that minimises disruption and unnecessary interference that is generally associated with such restoration work.


We specialise in residential, commercial and industrial re-pointing that gives both a clean looking finish and a new lease of life to old brickwork mortar that’s weathered, deteriorated and cracked over the years. This is one of our most highly recognised services with a quality reputation for delivering professional results every time that also adds years onto the lifespan of any brickwork that we restore.

Brick Replacement

Our first-rate masonry services include re-working, re-building and replacing small portions, or entire sections of brickwork to increase the durability as well as the overall aesthetic. We carry out brick replacement services on a residential, commercial and industrial scale with our first-class team of building contractors.

Chemical Cleaning

Our chemical brick cleaning services ensure that we won’t damage your brickwork, instead we’ll bring any pre-existing wall features (previously hidden by a build-up of grime, dirt and/or air pollution) back to life. Weathering can also take its toll on old brickwork, so this cleaning service is designed to make any exterior wall surfaces more resilient and look brand new no matter how big of a masonry task you have in store for us.

Chimney Re-Construction

As the section of brickwork that is most exposed to the elements and weathering, we at On-Point can re-construct your chimney using our modern-day techniques that can ensure that it has real functionality, looks great and stands strong for many more years to come.

Lintel Replacement

If you’re looking to provide greater or renewed structural support to your brickwork where a lintel may have cracked or deteriorated, or if you are simply looking to update the look of your exterior lintels for architectural design, our team can provide a full lintel replacement service at a competitive price.

Lead Work

Lead is incredibly malleable, so it can be cut to any size specification required and comes in varying thicknesses that can be used for different purposes. We’ll fit any leadwork fit for purpose and will do so to a professional standard that will ensure it lasts to its maximum lifetime.

Wall-Tie Installation / Replacement

Wall ties are essential to sturdiness of any building; our professionals understand and appreciate the importance that such aspects have, and we know that they must be respected during construction. Corroded wall-ties can also create a very serious danger to anyone in and around the suspect walls, so it is something that we never take for granted. If you see signs of corroded wall-ties appearing on your exterior walls then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Cavity Clearance

A house that hasn’t had a cavity clearance in many years, or since it was first built is likely to have multiple and various debris old insulation material and other obstructions blocking the outflow/drainage of moisture between your cavity walls. Clear cavity walls are important to avoiding the occurrence of damp or mould in your home.

Heritage Work (Listed Buildings)

Our team of specialist building contractors are fully qualified, so much so that we are often entrusted with the maintenance, preservation and restoration work of many listed building that hold historical and/or cultural importance in the UK, otherwise known as heritage work.

A new lease of life for old brickwork..

On-Point peace at mind

On-Point Building Contractors offer an established and professional masonry restoration service for works including; re-pointing, brick-cleaning, elevation brickwork and more. Our contractors have also worked alongside many of the south coasts leading housing associations and have even been English Heritage approved, giving you peace at mind when we carry-out any type of brickwork and/or re-pointing work on your home.

Serious value for money

With our patio and paver reconditioning service, we can bring your surfaces back to life through a ultra-high pressure clean, repointing and sealing service that will leave you simply amazed with results that you never thought before were possible. As a matter of fact, we encounter many customers who were considering re-laying all of their external surfaces at a very high cost until they were educated on just how beneficial our service can be. Once we were finished doing what we do best, these customers no longer felt the need to replace their exterior surfaces and saved hundreds or even thousands in some cases.

Brickwork Restoration

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